Urban Meyer’s

Urban Meyer’s behavior in viral video ‘inexcusable’, Jaguars owner says

Jacksonville Jaguars proprietor Shad Khan freely criticized Urban Meyer on Tuesday for the mentor’s “unforgivable” conduct at an Ohio bar over the course of the end of the week.

Khan delivered an assertion denouncing Meyer’s activities, which were caught on record and delivered via web-based media. One shows a young lady moving near Meyer’s lap as he sits on a barstool, a clasp that immediately turned into a web sensation. A second, seriously cursing video seems to show Meyer contacting the ladies behind.

“I have tended to this matter with Urban. Particulars of our discussion will be held in certainty. What I will say is his lead at the last end of the week was reprehensible,” Khan said. “I like Urban’s regret, which I accept is earnest. Presently, he should recapture our trust and regard. That will require an individual responsibility from Urban to every individual who upholds, addresses, or plays for our group. I’m certain he will convey.”

Urban Meyer’s

Meyer apologized Monday to his family, group, and Khan. He assembled a group conference and promised to “own it,” the adage he utilizes day by day and has put all around the Jaguars office.

“Simply dumb,” Meyer said. “Ought not to have placed me in that sort of position.”

Meyer didn’t fly back with his winless group following Jacksonville’s 24-21 misfortune at Cincinnati on Thursday night, an exceptionally uncommon move for any mentor. All things considered, he stayed in his home province of Ohio to see relatives and went to supper Friday at his café/bar in Columbus, Urban Meyer’s Pint House.

“There was a major gathering close to our café and they needed me to come over and take pictures, and I did,” Meyer said. “They were attempting to haul me out on the dance floor, messing around, and I ought to have left.”

The primary video shows a youthful light lady moving between the 57-year-old Meyer’s legs as he was perched on a barstool. The second, taken from an alternate point, shows Meyer’s right hand on or close to her base.

The Jaguars (0-4) have lost 19 back-to-back games, seven short of tying the NFL record set by Tampa Bay in 1977. Meyer demands they have shown sensational upgrades since Week 1.

Meyer said he’s concerned the recordings could have long-haul implications with players he has requested to become tied up with his makeover.

“I have a generally excellent relationship with our players,” Meyer said. “I’ve managed this, not on the opposite side but rather with staff individuals and with different things, and I’ve managed it. So to say I’m concerned, no doubt, I am concerned. In any case, I just had the chance to do right.”

Albeit never affirmed by Texas, Meyer was considered as a possibility to supplant Tom Herman as the Longhorns head football trainer after the 2020 season.

In August, previous Dallas Cowboys mentor and ongoing Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Jimmy Johnson told The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz that Meyer turned down Texas for the “challenge” of the NFL.

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